Reikifriendship - the Online Reikischool founded in 2004
Members from all over the world are learning and practising Reiki, Energy Work and Self-Coaching here
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  Reikifreundschaft - die online Reikischule   Reikifriendship - the online Reikischool   Amistad de Reiki - la escuela de Reiki en línea
Yes, I want to know more ! Yes, I want a free Reiki initiation ! Yes, I want to participate !


Reikifriendship - the Online Reikischool

All this is part of a membership in the Reikifriendship:

  • A lifelong fee free membership ! Only once paying the admission fee either in one payment or in comfortable instalments and receiving an initiation key, documents and certificates for more than 280 Reiki systems with more than 2.500 initiations ! (Some systems may require a registration fee to pay to the originator, if you want to use them commercially)

  • On request you can freely try out an initiation key !

  • FREE updates, i.e.: every member has automatically access to new incoming Reiki systems. This point is voluntary, this means that there is no legal claim to receiving updates. Since the foundation of the Reikifriendship in 2004 the number of systems grew from 40 to in the meantime 280 systems.

  • As a member of the Reikifriendship you enjoy a reduced member's fee of 50 % when joining the Deutscher Reikibund e.V. !

  • With the thousands of times approved Trinity Attunement Keys (c) for a considerable more gentle and simulteanously effectively stronger process of initiation

  • Includes the Radical Decoupling only for self-treatment to improve your energetic safety during and after an initiation.

  • Permission to teach and a free certificate option for nearly all systems

  • Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), BSFF (Be Set Free Fast), The Work of Byron Katie, Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg and also a small introduction to EMF Balancing

  • Repeating of initiations as often as you want to deepen the spiritual process according to Mikao Usui's spiritual tradition of Reiju

  • A friendly big forum moderated by competent Reiki teachers only for members of the Reikifriendship !

  • Chat for members of the Reikifriendship

  • Free work groups in the Reikifriendship forum to different Reiki systems.

  • If you want to know how present members think about the Reikifriendship simply read the references !


Here you go for the application for membership for the Reikifriendship. We are pleased if you want to learn Reiki and energy work together with us .