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Members from all over the world are learning and practising Reiki, Energy Work and Self-Coaching here
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Reikifriendship Membership Application

  Yes, I would like to take part in the Reikifriendship – the Online Reikischool and get access to the english-speaking area of the Reikifriendship for the single pay of 297.- Euros.

I understand, that my application for membership corresponds to a binding order. After having sent the order I'll receive an E-mail, where I get explained, how I have to pay the unique admission fee for the Reikifriendship. At the same time my personal account for the member forum will be set up/created and Alexander Gottwald will create my personal Attunement Keys.

I understand, that my payment is not refundable after my account and my Initiation Keys have been created. This is because both the forum account and the Attunement keys are personalized and therefore revocation and return are impossible.

I've read the explanation above and I agree.


First Name
Last Name
Street, Number
Postal Code, Place

You will receive a notice of receipt of your membership application in the next 24 hours. Should this not reach you, it could be that the formular hasn´t been sent properly. In this case please sendyour membership application again by E-Mail.


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