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Reikifriendship Initiation Keys

My Reiki friends often ask me, why my initiations are so much stronger than those they received with other reiki teachers. Well, the process of initiation has been unnecessarily given an aura of mystery. The fact of the matter is however that most Reiki teachers don't even know why initiations work (according to own surveys over 92%), but nevertheless cling to their role as “Reiki-teacher” or even “Reiki-master” and in this way the contribution of the teacher (person who gives an initiation) to the success of an initiation is unnecessarily pushed to the fore and the Reiki student is at the same time unnecessarily forced into servile a position. But success and intensity of an initiation depend on different factors:

  • on the spiritual competence of the person who gives the initiation, i.e. not only whether the person has a certificate that identifies him or her as a “reiki teacher”
  • on how a person is willing and able to receive an initiation. This willingness can be temporarily disturbed a lot by stress, traumata, blockages etc.
  • on the permission of the higher self to carry out this initiation for the person at that special moment. In the end every initiation is carried out by the higher self no matter whether the initiation is activated personally, directly on the phone, trough the distance or with the Initiation Keys.

Therefore the whole Initiation Key will be entrusted to your higher self, when you receive the initiation to a Reiki system. By the profoundization of initiations through repeated application you´ve also got the possibility to determine the intensity of the profoundization of the initiation in this area. Personal and spiritual growth is only possible in freedom and self-determination and not by forcing an initiation on your soul and by subjecting yourself to an outer authority (a reiki-”master”/-teacher).

The Initiation Keys have proved themselves in numerous aspects:

  • High reliability. Many thousand attunements have been made with these initiation keys developed by me and they all have worked well without exception.
  • Temporal flexibility. As we are living in a time that is subjectively running very fast it is helpful when the appointment for a Reiki initiation can be chosen freely and spontaneously.
  • Comfort. You can comfortably recall an initiation sitting in your chair at home or under your beloved tree and completely devote yourself to the initiation without being disturbed by the presence of a teacher.

Initiation Key and Reiju

At first many of you will ask yourself the following question: What is Reiju?

Reiju is a technique that Usui really used to transfer initiations step by step. He did it by repeatedly energetically activating a person over many weeks so that she or he was lifted on a new energy level and in this way was attuned in the first, second or third grade of the traditional Japanese Reiki.

In the West Mrs Takata made initiations a rigid institution, so to speak planable and calculable. In this way initiations could easier be used commercially. With Usui himself they were a fluent process of slowly attuning the student into a higher energy level. The technique that Takata developed and that is used today as the “Usui Reiki” initiation consists of a single  activation (or in the first degree four activation on one weekend) so that the “initiation” got faster and easier to use commercially - a fact that is essential for selling initiations on weekend-seminars in the West.

Unfortunately with this change something happened, that never had happened in Usui's personal initiations: the student had to believe that he had been initiated although his energy system showed no changing. A dogma was created in the western Reiki that initiations last forever and need no renewal ... Some Reiki-”teachers” nevertheless do business with the fear and ignorance of people by talking them into thinking that the initiations they received from their former teachers are not good or not correctly made and that they now have to repeat the initiation,  naturally liable to pay costs. Also this was something the pupil now had to believe or not.

The Initiation Keys work with a similar principle like the Reiju: each time you recall the Initiation Key the initiation will be integrated a little bit deeper into your energy system. You can repeat this activation as often as you want, usually it is done until you don't feel any energetic deepening after having recalled the initiation several times.


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