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Members from all over the world are learning and practising Reiki, Energy Work and Self-Coaching here
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Reikifriendship - frequently asked questions

What is the Reikifriendship?

The Reikifriendship is an Online Reikischool that offers his members the possibility to freely choose between the existing systems of reiki and energy work and to autonomously and independently create their own way of schooling. Initiations are comfortably and securily available to the members through the Initiation keys developed by Alexander Gottwald in 2004 and thousands of times approved.

Documents of reiki systems in the Reikifriendship can be downloaded in the forum. The schooling takes place in the big member forum in work groups and can be deepened in the internal member chat.

Is it right that members constantly get additional reiki systems for free?

Yes, that's right. Since the Reikifriendships foundation in autumn 2004 with about 40 systems Alexander Gottwald has been voluntarily giving more than 220 new reiki systems to members of the Reikifriendship so that since its foundation the primary offer has been over 6 times  extended.

Does the Reikifriendship really cost no membership fee?

After having paid the admission fee the membership is completely free. The admission fee can be paid in one amount or in instalments with a small extra charge. Further financial obligations do not result from am membership in the Reikifriendship.

May I test an initiation key before becoming a member of the Reikifriendship?

Yes, every new visitor of this home page is friendly invited to choose a Reiki system that he or she likes and to order it for free to experience how well the initiation keys and the Trinity Attunement Keys work. In this way nobody has to buy pig in a poke like in a conventional seminar, but has really the chance to test the initiation first for free and also to get documents to the chosen system.

May I also order single initiations?

No, Alexander Gottwald linked the initiations to a membership in the Reikifriendship to guarantee an optimal care of his Reikifriends. Only through the member forum such a sophisticated and full care is possible so that really no questions concerning the use of the existing systems remain unanswered.
As a member, can I really recall initiations at any time?

Yes, as a member of the Reikifriendship you get an initiation key (that Alexander Gottwald developed in 2004 and since then optimized several times) to all systems existing in the Reikifriendship. In this way you can recall every included initiation not only once but also many times to deepen the process.
Does Alexander Gottwald offer telephonic initiations?

Yes he does. This service is offered for members of the Reikifriendship against all-inclusive costs for the time spent. But to guarantee a lasting care for the initiated people also after a telephonic initiation a membership in the Reikifriendship and participation in the forum is essential. Therefore the service of telephonic or initiations is reserved only for members.

Why can an initiation be recalled several times?

The idea of several initiations is as old as Reiki itself, for Usui Sensei already gave several energy activations, that he called Reiju, to his pupils. He repeated the energy activations as often till he got the feeling that his pupil reached the next step on the way. Following this old tradition of Usui Sensei the Reikifriendship offers a modern tool that allows to repeat initiation several times: The Initiation Keys © , the Reiju of the 21. century.

Why are initiations with the Trinity Attunement Keys © not made over the crone chakra? 

After working some time with Reiki initiations Alexander Gottwald got the feeling that it would be better not to initiate the process of initiations over the crone chakra like made in the traditional way, because the crone chakra in his experience belongs to the divine area and it should not be manipulated. Therefore he developed the Trinity Attunement Keys, an instrument that was tested and proven over a thousand times all around the world to tune initiations gentlyand at the same time lastingly into the soul, the body and the spirit.

Is it possible to get normal initiations as a member of the Reikifriendship?

Of course it's possible. Every at the beginning of his membershipmember receives Initiations Keys for all existing systems in the Reikifriendship and can recall the initiation with or without the Trinity Attunement Keys so that every member can decide on his own which way of initiation he wants to use.

How does the schooling in the Reikifriendship take place?

The schooling can be arranged very individually. Every member can at any time freely choose between the different systems. Although Alexander Gottwald recommends to start with Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki, this is like all offers in the Reikifriendship not a binding recommendation. Deepening the knowledge and exchanging about made experiences can at any time take place in the member forum and especially in one of many work groups to different Reiki systems. In the forum Alexander Gottwald is besides many other qualified and friendly Reiki teachers also with pleasure available for questions.

Is there any compulsion to take part on projects of the Reikifriendship?

No, of course, there is not. The Reikifriendship is a project of an individual Reiki training. Of course an active participation in the forum is desirable for every member, for by exchanging with others you learn much more than “only” by reading. From time to time there are also shy and reserved members who first read much and practice by themselves, before they then begin to show themselves in the forum, because the atmosphere is very pleasant and friendly.


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